Thursday, 13 February 2014

Action Men!!

We’re now back home in rain soaked Britain, having flown back from Fuerteventura late on Wednesday night.  Our last couple of days on the island were pretty busy so blogging has been rather delayed.  Something James was looking forward to while we were there was a motor trike ride round the island.


Before our visit Bill had “arranged” for James to have a pink trike -  and the joke rather back fired when James couldn’t have been more delighted!  Here he is on his ‘Pink Panther’ (very low mileage as most of the men won’t ride it!)


The four hour ride took us right up into the mountains, with fantastic views owing to such good weather.


Here’s James and Bill proudly showing off their “wheels”.


Part of the trip took us past Julio Iglesias huge island villa.


James’ view of the road ahead with the lead machine in front.


Doug came too of course - as we settle down for the next section of the tour after an interesting trip round a goat farm. (There are just short of 100,ooo people on the island and 106,000 goats!)

It was quite windy in some places and the last leg of the journey took us through some very open and windy territory and Doug had to hang on a bit on the back!  However, that didn’t detract from the awesome day we had – especially for James who misses his motorcycling days.

The next day belonged to Doug.  He won a jet ski ride at Piero’s nightclub and was eager to have his go.


This looks like mid Atlantic but was about 300 yards off shore – some fairly big stuff for him to tackle on his first trip.


In slightly calmer waters and enjoying the ride as much as James did on the trike.


We thought the number might have been a bit auspicious but ………


……….. he got safely back to base after a brilliant session.


Our last evening of course had to be spent with all of us having a great meal (the third of the week) at the Frado Rock restaurant.  Doug, Bill Eileen and Les tucking into the most amazing meal.

It’s been a fantastic week on Fuerteventura – great to catch up with friends and get a sun tan to boot.  Thanks so much to Chris and Les, Eileen and Bill for their invitation to join them during their winter break.  We left the island with temperature in the mid 20’s and arrived at Gatwick at 7 deg C.  By the time we got home, after several major diversions and a lot of lying water in the roads, it was 01.30 in the morning (welcome home!).

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