Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Life on the Ocean Wave.

We’re in the midst of four sea days, returning to Southampton.  Life on board is great fun and we’re meeting and spending time with some very interesting people.  In fact, last evening (Monday) James recognised his childhood barber – who’s now 83! and his wife, who remembered him, his parents and many others from 50 years ago.


This is us at dinner on a ‘casual’ evening.


The “Headliners Theatre Company” continue to give us fantastic entertainment in the evenings.


Deck quoits and shuffleboard still allow Doug to get further than James in the daily competitions.


The food continues to be of great quality and style ……..


…….. and so do we!  James (sporting his ‘gold standard’), Doug, Jane and Derek last night.

The weather, as we start traversing the Bay of Biscay is getting very rough.  It’s now impossible to walk around the ship without holding onto something.  Things are beginning to slide and leap from table tops and going outside is prohibited – but, with many seasoned cruise junkies on board (we didn’t say old!) a lot of passengers are used to the occasional rough passage and life goes on pretty much as normal.


Although it doesn’t look too bad the wind speed at force 8 is producing a swell of 9 metres………..


……. which, when you look at the angle of the water in the pool, makes the ship roll quite alarmingly on occasions.  It’s all good fun (at the moment!).

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