Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Animal close-ups.

We’re continuing to have a whale of a time in Fuerteventura. On Sunday we went with Les to the island zoo at Oasis Park.P1010382

We were very impressed with the animal welfare and visitor interaction.P1010390

Mixing with so many of the residents it felt a bit like “Dr Doolittle”- some of them came over for a chat!P1010410

Doug didn’t much like the macaws and parrots flying loose around our heads …………P1010434

……… but, on the other hand, James was eager to volunteer to hold a reticulated python.  First though, he was asked to do the Macarena (something he hates) to entertain the crowd! P1010437

There were some fellows that we weren’t allowed to mix with ……..P1010441

…….. and others we were.P1010455

At 6ft 4in. James doesn’t have to look up to very much in life but this magnificent animal was certainly one to admire.P1010483

Part of the huge area which the zoo covers is set over to Botanical gardens.P1010500

There were hundreds of crocs and alligators – we even saw some eggs in the sand.  P1010554

Of course, there has to be one!P1010557

Well, after a very good day at the zoo with Les, and a coach ride back to Caleta de Fuste, we met up with Bill and Eileen for a Chinese meal and (of course) serenaded by the owners son – a very talented young man.

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