Monday, 19 March 2012

We’re on the move again!

We spent the weekend in Brinklow Marina getting all the necessaries done ready for cruising.  It rained on and off all day Sunday, a pity but we desperately need it for the canal levels if nothing else.  Ali and John from nb Triskaideka came to visit us for coffee mid morning - they stayed for a few hours so we had a lovely afternoon with them (as always) before they returned back home to Lincoln.

James, Ali and John having just enjoyed a very nice chocolate cake that Ali and John brought.

Today (Monday) we awoke to a lovely sunny day so, we finished off a few jobs that should have been done yesterday, and set off from the marina at 11am.  It was a very quiet journey with few boats passed.  We got to the other side of Rugby and moored for lunch near the golf course and who should be loitering there but Del and Al nb Derwent 6 and Paul from nb Piston Broke.
Al, Paul, Al’s nephew, (sorry can’t remember your name!) Del and James (not his best side!).

After spending some time catching up with this merry bunch we carried on for another 20 minutes and moored up below the Hillmorton Locks at 3pm next to Ian and Irene on nb Free Spirit. They kindly offered us a very welcome cup of tea on board Free Spirit where we had a good old chat.  We’re about to tuck into a nice roast dinner this evening and looking forward to Ian and Irene coming aboard ‘Chance’ tonight for a drink.
‘Chance’ and ‘Free Spirit’ moored in the sunshine this evening.


  1. Nice to see you guys back on the canal. Hope to see you both some time this season.


    Paul and Kath

  2. Really good to see you both yesterday. Sorry if we stopped you finishing your jobs;-)

    Enjoy your mini cruise and hopefully we will see you at the end of the month.

    Ali & John