Monday, 12 March 2012

Selsey Life

On Thursday last week daughter Vicki, and partner Tom, found a couple of days in their busy work schedules to come down to see us.  Their young, and very energetic dog, Ernie, provided us with a different perspective on life compared to our ‘normal’ lifestyle with dear old Oscar!


It was Oscar’s day for swimming at Therapaws and ‘nephew’ Ernie came along too – it was his first proper taste of swimming and, although very hesitant, he did quite well.


Uncle Oscar showing Ernie how to do it!


Ernie not so sure about all this wet stuff.


Back home in the evening - relaxing after a good work out in the pool.


On Friday we went for a walk in nearby Bosham.  This is the village green right on the waters’ edge – the church in the background houses the small grave of the young daughter of King Canute.  In fact, it was at Bosham that Canute is said to have tried to hold back the tide to demonstrate that he was NOT as powerful as his people thought he was – the complete reverse of the popular belief.


Back home on Friday evening and the ‘best buddies’ are relaxing again! and Ernie getting ready for the journey back home on Saturday.

This evening we took a walk along the seawall at the end of the road and this was our view…………………


……..mirror calm and total silence, the Selsey fishing fleet beside the lifeboat station.  Moments like these are worth savouring.

We are planning to spend next week on ‘Chance’, getting a few jobs done ready for the summer and hopefully getting out on the cut for a few days.  More of our plans for the summer in the next blog.


  1. Love your last picture. We miss getting down to the sea now we're liveaboards.

  2. Oscar is still looking good, perhaps he could show Dougie how its done.