Friday, 23 March 2012

Back to Brinklow

Yesterday we had a “lost” day while James took the bus to Rugby for his blood test and Doug held the fort in Braunston with Oscar. When James got back we had very mediocre lunch at the Boat House Inn overlooking the canal.  The sunshine was fantastic as we sat on their terrace and, we have to say, the weather has been superb all week.  Later in the day we motored out a little way towards Brinklow and spent the night in one of our “quiet” spots (and at the moment it’s very quiet!)
This was the view from ‘Chance’ at 7 o’clock this morning.

After doing some litter picking 100 yards each side of our mooring (a task we set ourselves as new year’s resolution) and almost filling an old coal bag full! - we had a gentle, not very adventurous but beautifully sunny journey back to the marina today.  We passed Paul and Lynne on nb ‘Piston Broke’ who were moored up for the day – a quick chat and we were back on our way.  We refuelled and finally got back to Brinklow at about 3’sh.  Here are some photos we took on the way:-
Tug ‘Zulu’ with butty ‘Rollo’ in tow - passing us before we started this morning.

The stern of  ‘Rollo’ showing the traditional rudder and tiller of a butty boat (no engine).  The chimney shows the position of the boatman's’ stove which keeps the steerer warm in the cold weather. The small cabin would be where the boatman's’ family would live and the rest of the boat (under the A frame) would be given over to cargo.

James on ‘Chance’ with only the sheep for company!

An unusual stern design on a new narrow boat at Willoughby Wharf.

Almost home and fancy meeting Del and Al on nb ‘Derwent 6’ again!  Look at the polish on that boat Del – we can see ‘Chance’s’ reflection!!

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