Saturday, 24 March 2012

Back Home for a few days

We planned a few jobs today – just to keep ‘Chance’ up to scratch.  The weather promised to be warm so a few touch up paint jobs could be done.  However, when Oscar decided to surface from his pit (about 10:30!) he could hardly walk.  His back legs, very weak these days anyway, seemed not to be functioning very well but on further inspection it was his left leg and foot where there was something wrong.  Detailed inspection found a very swollen foot.
As we were intending to go back home today anyway we quickly put all the jobs on hold and beat a path straight to the vet in Bognor Regis.
The vet couldn’t quite figure out exactly what was wrong but we had the usual chat about his age and the obvious fact that he can’t go on forever.  Still – we came away with a course of antibiotics and “come back tomorrow if the swelling hasn’t gone down” (and the bill of course!).
Anyway, after an hour or two at home James decided to massage the swollen foot as directed by the vet and, all of a sudden, there was terrible mess!  After a bit of mopping up there was a very much improved Oscar!  It seems there must have been a huge boil inside his paw which wasn’t evident to any of us today.  So perhaps he’ll live to fight another day! 
Pity we didn’t get some of our jobs done!!!!!


  1. He could have had an abscess rather then a boil. Sometimes picking up a thorn is all it takes. Thank goodness he lives to fight another day. Big hugs to Oscar from us. Xxx

  2. Just catching up with your blog - poor Oscar - so glad that you found what was amiss and that he's on the mend.

    Hope all is well with you.

    Sue, nb Indigo Dream