Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Return to Wrenbury.

We left Ellesmere (Monday) and moored up in the Whitchurch Arm.  Not a lot happened on the way but we were held up for a few minutes when we got to Whitchurch due to collision between two boats.  After spending our time in Llangollen moored next to Paul & Lyn and and Sam & Chris on nb ‘Ellen of Melford’ ,  we seem to have bumped into them every day since.  Whitchurch was no exception!


Here they are next to us at Ellesmere.


A glimpse of “The Mere” just leaving Ellesmere

Leaving the Whitchurch Arm today we passed nb ‘Constance’  whose owner told us he followed our blog.  Thank you ‘Constance’ we hope we are still of some interest!

Grindley Brook locks were our main ‘highlight’ in today’s short run to Wrenbury.


A view of the inside of the top lock at Grindley Brook staircase on the way down.  A positive Niagara which we had to keep well away from!  Damage had been caused by a hire boat hitting it according to Gary the ever friendly lock keeper.


A moment to contemplate the exit of this lock at Grindley Brook.  The spill weir from the right hand side is fearsome and can easily push you into the boat waiting to come in.  A “cork out of a bottle” technique seems to work.


Moored up at Wrenbury.  Some boat maintenance and a walk into the delightful village took care of the afternoon.  A meal at the Cotton Arms in the evening was excellent as usual!

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