Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Norbury Junction

We have had a couple of easy days, travelling through Market Drayton, on Monday, where we both took on water and dumped the rubbish.  Low water pressure dictates a fairly long stop here.  Pic shows Chance and Niamh ‘breasted’ up waiting for a water point.



We passed a famous old butty ‘Saturn’ on our way towards Tyrley locks.  These rare moments are quite often a great highlight during our travels.


Niamh and Chance waiting to go up the five Tyrley locks.  The approach to these locks are in a sandstone cutting covered by a tunnel of trees (always very damp!)



A couple of pictures of the Woodseaves Cutting – cut through solid rock and sometimes prone to the occasional landslip!


Last night (Mon) we moored at Goldstone Wharf and went for a meal in the Wharf Tavern after having drinks on the back of nb Niamh.



Today (Tuesday) another cutting – this time Grub Street cutting.  This one is a mile long and, in some places, 80 feet deep – hence this double arched bridge carrying the A519.

Just after lunch we arrived at Norbury Junction and went for a pint in the afternoon at the Junction Inn.  Tonight we shall stay here before travelling onto Brewood tomorrow.


  1. Great to read your blog post, we took our first canal boat holiday in May, along this stretch, Brewood to Market Drayton.

  2. Hi Rebecca

    Thanks for the comment and following the blog, Glad you are enjoying it! We are heading back up the Shroppie next week to Chester so will be covering the same ground, it really is a beautiful part of the country. x