Saturday, 2 July 2011

Brewood to Wheaton Aston

We stayed put on our mooring at Brewood on Thursday, as it was such a lovely mooring there didn’t seem any need to move.  The other, more important reason, was that Doug was not well.  Inner ear infection and consequent dizziness.

The view out of the boat this morning (at 4' o’ clock!).  Better now!


James had a walk into the village for milk and also did a few jobs on the boat.

On Friday we pulled pins and travelled to Wheaton Aston to meet up with friends Pat and Arthur on nb Amethyst to spend a weekend travelling with them.


Leaving Brewood through Avenue Bridge (no 10) which carries the carriageway to Chillington Hall.


Another lovely wooded cutting on the Shroppie – a beautiful approach to Wheaton Aston.

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