Sunday, 3 July 2011

Leaving Wheaton Aston

After a nice Chinese meal at Pat and Arthur’s house on Friday evening, we all headed off north up the Shroppie on Saturday morning.  We stopped at Turners Garage to fill with diesel (currently at 70.9p a litre plus declaration).  James is still not sure what “mileage” we’re doing to the hour as we’ve not done a brim to brim yet.
Wheaton Aston to 002
Ready to leave Wheaton Aston.
Again we travelled through the beautiful Shropshire countryside in deep cuttings and embankments.
Wheaton Aston to 012
Wheaton Aston to 006
Entering Cowley tunnel at Gnosal Heath.
We stopped at Norbury Junction for a pint at the Junction Inn.
Wheaton Aston to 011
Wheaton Aston to 008
nb Amethyst and nb Chance at Norbury Junction.
Passing an old Wharf with some very old working narrow boats moored under the canopy.
Wheaton Aston to 014
Wheaton Aston to 013
A fairly rare sight – a working butty (boat with no engine) being towed by a  powered boat (in this case a modern narrow boat). We moored up for the night at Goldstone Wharf and had dinner at the Wharf Tavern in the garden as it was such a lovely evening.  The food was excellent so can highly recommend.
Wheaton Aston to 016

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