Friday, 15 July 2011

Its been a busy few days!!


We left Wrenbury on Wednesday and headed down the Llangollen canal to Swanley Marina where we booked in for the night. It’s a very nice marina and at only £9 it gave us chance to catch up on the washing with the electric hook up and for James to do a bit of touching up of the paintwork.

In the evening we were joined on board by friends Lyn and Chris of nb Niamh (pronounced ‘neeve’)  for an impromptu dinner. We now plan to travel with them for the next few days as we head towards Wheaton Aston.


On Thursday morning we left Swanley (nb Niamh being followed by nb Chance) and headed off the Llangollen onto the Shropshire Union Canal before stopping for lunch at Nantwich.

We walked into the town to see the Flower festival in the church where they had over £7000 of flowers displayed.  The pictures don’t do it justice but some of the arrangements were amazing.



In the afternoon we carried on to Coole Pilate where we moored with nb Niamh for the evening and who should already be there but Lyn and Paul on nb Ellen of Melford!

18 (2)

Here we all are – it’s difficult to get 160 feet of narrow boat  into the same shot!

We had a BBQ on the bank with Lyn and Chris and later were joined by Lyn and Paul.  We sat out until 10pm as it was a lovely evening and a good time was had by all.



A lovely summer evening by the canal…..

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