Thursday, 5 May 2011

At last a view of Chance!

As Chance has been fitted out in a floating shed, we have never seen what the boat looks like from a distance or how the paintwork looks, at last today we had the “chance” to see.

Chance 4th May 017

“Chance” looks amazing, with the colour and the chrome fittings we are so thrilled with the result.

The sign writer Kevin Regan, ( has done a fantastic job of the signwriting. The dark blue shadowing really works with the design.

Chance 4th May 020

Chance 4th May 008

Chance 4th May 014


  1. hi your boat is looking good is it ready to go now

  2. Almost, about another week, just finishing touches to be done, will post some pictures of the inside when I get time, as you can see its not quite finished.. We can't wait to get going though! Doug

  3. She lookes absolutely fantastic in that colour, but I am glad it isn't me who has to take her through her first narrow lock!

  4. It looks so smart, you must be pleased after all the planning. When's the first trip? Will you be living on board?

  5. Hi Peter and Margaret, Hope not to get her too marked on the way down to Crick!

    Hi Ian & Karen, we are absolutely thrilled with the results, MGM have done such an amazing job. First trip should be next week for a few days north on the River Soar, before returning to MGM Boats and then down to Crick for the show, we can't wait!

    Thanks for all your comments - Doug

  6. Looking good!!! Can't wait to meet you somewhere and get the "tour"......

    Paul & Chrissy

  7. Hi Paul & Chrissy Hope to catch up with you both at some point! hope all's well with you both. Doug

  8. Very, very nice guys! The interior photos look great too. Bet you can't wait to get cruising.
    Elly and Mick

  9. Hi Elly and Mick

    Can't wait! next week is looking good just a few finishing touches to be done, Will post some more interior pics later if I get time! Doug

  10. Hi Both,
    Well doesn't she just look great! What a remarkable boat you have so you must be full of pride right now, I would be, she a lovely boat. MGM has certainly done a fantastic job for you and the sign writing is to die for, billiant!

    Looking forward to doing the grand tour at Crick and toasting your future with that bubbly :-)

  11. Hi Steve and Chris. Yes we are overwhelmed the way Chance is looking now, and so pleased with the sign writing, MGM have done a stunning job with their care and attention to detail. Looking forward to meeting you both at Crick.