Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Foxton Locks to Crick

We have arrived at Crick Marina and are on the pontoon for the Crick Boat show at the weekend.  We had a really good journey today, we left at 10am and went up the Foxton Locks flight.

Crick 007

Crick 015

At Foxton top lock - we then had 5 hours cruising without any locks to Crick!  Foxton was very quiet – we came straight up without boats top or bottom.  Oscar was much better today after he fell off a wall at a lock yesterday!  Although he’s slightly limping on a front leg he’s still game for all we throw at him.  A large dose of metacam seems  to be helping him out and he has felt much better today as you can see!

Crick 016

We’ve had lovely weather all day today, even though showers were forecast.

Crick 018

This is us having just passed into the Northamptonshire countryside – lovely wooded cuttings.  We passed under the M1, how glad we were that we were on our narrow boat!  (Peace versus Tempest!)

Crick 023

Do those mugs match the boat?

And finally we arrived at Crick Marina at 4.30pm.  We were helped onto our berth and have been watching other show boats craned into the marina.  It looks like we might be in for an exciting weekend!!  We can’t wait!  (Pics to follow)

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  1. Oscar was a lucky boy not to have done more damage. It seems as they get older they fall heavier!! Judy is always tripping over her feet and goes down with quite a thud. Like all dogs, she just gets up and gets on with it. A big cheer to wonder drug Metacam. By the way the boat looks stunning.