Thursday, 19 May 2011

Chance’s Maiden Voyage

Well, finally we untied Chance at 8am this morning and travelled north on the River Soar for an hour each way to give Chance her “maiden voyage”  before heading to Crick on Sunday.  The weather was wonderful and we enjoyed the trip very much. 

Maiden trip 010

Everything went really well, with Oscar trotting alongside me on the towpath! it was like the two years on dry land had never happened!

Maiden trip 020Maiden trip 016

We are so looking forward to setting off on Sunday for a few days travelling to Crick!!


  1. Hi Guys, congrats on the first voyage, I trust Chance performed well, she sure looks good underway?

    See you soon

    Steve and Chris

  2. Lovely to see you on the move.. Enjoy..


  3. Boat looks lovely, what a lovely day for your first trip out! We are not far behind you. We will probably go to Crick on Saturday so will try to come and say hello and have a look around. Enjoy the journey to Crick.

  4. Hi Steve and Chris, Chance performed amazingly well, we are so excited to be underway! Look forward to seeing you both at Crick. Doug

    Thanks Sue, hope to see you on the cut at some point!! Doug

  5. Hi Ali and John, Thanks for the comment, yours is looking great too not to long now! Look forward to seeing you both at Crick. I tried to post a comment on your blog about Ben but was unable to do so, just to say how sorry we are to hear about Ben, they are a big part of the family to us all. Enjoy all the happy memories you have of him. Best Wishes to you both Doug

  6. Congratulations on getting underway. Have a fantastic time out and I hope the Crick show is a good one ;0).

  7. Hi Jo. Thanks for the comment, looks like you are at Alvecote now so we shall miss you this time on our way to Crick. Hope to meet up at some point. Doug