Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Calm before the storm!

We awoke to a lovely sunny day at Crick Marina. We walked Oscar along the towpath outside the marina and met up with Bruce and Sheila on Sanity Again.  Who gave us some useful information on having a show boat at Crick.


A quiet Crick Marina with Chance on its pontoon -  by this evening the marina is almost full with 8 boats being craned in and many more arriving by canal.  Its been interesting watching all the goings on and the show being set up.  We are now no longer alone – having a large wide beam boat on one side and 70 foot long very traditional narrow boat on the other side.  To fill in some time James has been polishing and varnishing and then polishing again!


This evening we met up with our neighbours on the Piper Show boat next to us  at The Red Lion in Crick village for a very enjoyable pub meal.  Oscar came as well, as any mention of the ‘pub’ seems to summon extra enthusiasm to walk! 

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  1. Pleased your all moored up and ready for the chaos which is the Crick Show. If you see Sheila and Bruce again, say hi to them from Jo and Keith on Hadar. We have not seen them for a while. They are a mind of info concerning the show as they showed their boat last year.
    Have fun ;0)