Sunday, 24 April 2011

A few more pictures.

We are finally back at home after a lovely week up at the boat. The weather has been, and still is, amazing. Here are a few more pictures of “Chance’s” progress.

006 (2)

Front doors all finished and trimmed. The headlights are still to be fitted – the wires can be seen either side of the front doors.


Shower surround and thermostatic controls all fitted.


Toilet is in place and touch controls for the flush are on the side of the sink unit.  There are four options on the type of flush! – evening classes start next week!

NB Chance 014

Rear steps from the bedroom to the rear deck. The bottom step slides in and out to give more space inside if needed.  Storage as well inside the steps.

NB Chance 013

The bed is now built and just awaiting its mattress and the wardrobe is just awaiting its doors.

NB Chance 019

Cupboards above the bed are all made, just awaiting all the doors to be made.

NB Chance 004

The rear deck at present -  the porthole has been fitted in the rear door. The wood seating rail to go around the stern is next on the list.


  1. She is almost there! How exciting?

  2. Found your blog via Amyjo.
    Your boat is looking spendid. Won't be long and you will be back on the water. Who knows we may see you at some point.
    Have a lovely weekend.

  3. Its looking really good, its really good seeing the progress isn't it, but if you are like us, we can't wait for it to be finished so we can get out on the cut!

  4. Hi Ali and John, yes we can't wait, busy packing at present, not too long until yours is ready now on 6th June! Hope to meet up with you on the cut soon. Do you come pass MGM on your maiden voyage? Doug

  5. Hi Doug

    We will after a trial run up and down the Soar head off to Leicester and then on towards Northampton, but if you are off to Crick you will be long gone! But hopefully we will meet at some point to show off the new shiny boats!

    Ali (& John)

  6. Hi Ali and John

    We may revisit MGM after Crick for a few days so we may be there! Anyway hope to meet up at some point. All the Best. Doug