Friday, 2 January 2015

Well, it Arrived!

The high level of security around Times Square for the new year celebrations meant that all went well yesterday evening and the new year arrived safe and sound. Choosing not to be part of the main event, we had the most enormous fun at the party we attended which resulted in us not getting to sleep until 5:30 this morning!  


We surfaced around noon to a slightly warmer, and very sunny, day.  Times Square was still thronging with people, but not quite at the level of the previous evening.


The very talented street attractions were out in force as usual adding to the buzz of the place.


The last of the ticker-tape was still falling this morning as we viewed the building where the ball dropped last night.


Just a close up and reminder that we now have a new year.  Listening to some of the US TV stations we get the impression that some Americans are a little apprehensive as to what this year will bring.  Well, the future belongs to all of us so perhaps we must all embrace the opportunities we will have for a better world.


“Baubles” with Media City in the background.


We popped into a Gap store (for some sale bargains!) and found this very clever interpretation of the USA made of folded jeans.


Still a bit chilly today as we walked towards the Rockefeller Plaza ……


…….and it’s famous Christmas tree.

It’s been a short but surprisingly relaxing day as we’ve drifted around the city, soaking up the new year atmosphere and collecting a few sales bargains.  Tomorrow will be a more structured affair as we’ve got a couple of “touristy’ things planned. 

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