Sunday, 11 January 2015

Atlantic Crossing Complete

Early on Saturday morning we docked safely at Southampton after a great crossing from New York.


But before that, on Thursday we had the usual but still wonderful “Chefs’ Parade” where we show our appreciation to these fantastic people who keep us all fed and watered 24 hours a day.  Then we urge them to return swiftly back to kitchens!


On Friday we completed our week long “Trans-Atlantic Olympics” which had included such strenuous things as hoopla and table tennis.  The last event was a swift power walk twice around the ship.  The start line was a shambolic affair!


In the afternoon we had a Champagne enriched prize giving ceremony where the joint winners (with another team) were ‘yours truly’! Here we are with Brett and Vitor, our slave-driving organisers.


Here’s Brett and Vitor very happy at the end of such a strenuous week with all of us.


Friday evening had us teaming up with Celia Imrie (actress and all round good egg) and her friend, author Fidelis Morgan.  Two very witty and charming ladies who we had tremendous fun with for an hour.


Dinner on Friday evening was “the Last Supper” with all our friends and cruising buddies.  The meal ended with a napkin folding competition!!


As was mentioned earlier we docked in Southampton early Saturday morning with a sad farewell to all our friends on board as we’ll be staying on for the first leg of QM2’s world voyage and finally disembarking in 20 days’ time in Dubai.


However, Saturday was a day for us to remember as Cunard severely bent it’s rules and allowed us to have our dear friends Ann and John on board for lunch and a tour of the ship.  We can’t say thank you enough to Cunard for their help and organisation to make this happen.  James, Ann & John in the Queen’s Room.


Ann with Doug in the Art Gallery.


……  in the Grand Lobby.


……the Commodore Club.


Lunch in the Britannia Restaurant ………


…….. and later, outside the Planetarium.


Just before Ann and John left we were privileged to see, through the windows of the Queen’s Room, “Queen Elizabeth” edging her way into port 9 hours later than she should have been – due to extremely bad weather in the North Sea.

Saturday was a strange day as only 80 of us were in transit, with 2000 or so getting off and the same amount clambering on.  It gave us the full and uncluttered run of the ship to enjoy for a good while and it was a moment we’ll treasure for a long time. 


However, QE was in time to swap a few passengers with us before we left Southampton at 6 o’ clock with a wonderful Firework display and the British Imperial Military Band playing on the quayside for QM’s 2015 World Voyage.


  1. Our friends Anne and Harry are on there with you to Dubai after following your exploits last week as it is their first time on QM 2.

  2. Belated Happy New Year. Looks like your having a good time on board the QM2. If you are listening to solo piano player Adam Allinson, please say hi from me. Makuini sends her love. Look forward to meeting you out on the cut. xx MaKuini