Thursday, 1 January 2015

New York, New York (again!)


Leaving Las Vegas yesterday (Tuesday) we managed, on our way to the airport, to get a proper pic. of the Luxor hotel we’ve been staying in. It’s getting a bit old now and needs a bit of a refurb. but we’ve thoroughly enjoyed our stay.


Just as an aside - it’s great to notice some of the more interesting number plates on the cars in the states (for those that can afford it!).  That’s what the USA is famous for – if you have the money you can have most things.

After a 30  minute delayed flight from Las Vegas, a tail wind of 170 mph during the flight, our ground speed of over 700mph got us to New York nearly an hour early (!) for our forth visit within the last 12 months to this great city.


Today (new year’s eve) we spent doing some shopping as, with the increased security around Times Square this year, we were not allowed near the place - unless we were prepared to get locked into the “pen” at 3 o’ clock. As with last year, to spend 9 hours locked in with no chance of going to the toilet or having a drink – no baggage to be taken in and standing with a million strangers just to watch a ball drop (!) we have decided to accept the invitation to attend a private party to celebrate the New Year.  This is the view from our nearest diner (at 3 o’ clock today), our hotel – Row NYC is straight across behind, just one block away from Times Square!


It’s about freezing point at the moment in the city, with temperatures falling as the day moves on.  Doug feels the cold a bit these days and he decided not to ware his trappers hat.  Bad move!


After a bit of shopping in Lower Manhatten we popped along to see the progress at the World Trade Centre – the ‘sculpture’ side of things is now coming on apace. No 1 World Trade (background) is now complete and looking extremely shiny! We’re planning to see the new 9/11 museum before we leave.


Here’s James not looking quite so cold as Doug.  The sounds and smells of the city at this time are very intoxicating and we’re so enjoying the buzz again this year.

Again, we take this chance to send our very best wishes to everyone for a good and healthy year to come.  Keep safe everyone wherever you are and whatever you’re doing.  

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  1. Personalized (vanity) plates aren't all that expensive in the US. In Missouri mine were an additional $18 for 2 years.