Thursday, 8 January 2015

Happy Birthday QM2

As we continue to ply our way eastwards towards Southampton, life on board is varied and wonderful.  Queen Mary 2 celebrates her 11th birthday in mid Atlantic this week.  Her scheduled refit for this year has been postponed for another twelve months but, as can be seen from these pics she’s still in beautiful condition:


The entrance to the Library – the wood panelling is so shiny it’s difficult to make things out.


Just one corner of the very large and impressive library.


The entrance to the Planetarium.


The Grand Lobby and staircase.


One of the interior Promenades.


Doug and the ship’s bell overlooking the Grand Lobby.


The Champagne Lounge and Bar with a string quartet performance in progress.


……. and, at the livelier end of the musical spectrum, a steel band playing in the Pavilion Pool and Bar.



Social events abound in one corner of the ship or another.  There are plenty of invitations to champagne receptions of various sorts. This is the Captain’s Cocktail party for Cunard travellers who have a few voyages under their belts.


A gathering of friends and acquaintances takes place in a corner of the Commodore Club at 5 o’clock each evening.  There’s Doug in the centre (as usual!). 


Our dinner table is getting a bit tight for space as the week goes on.  We have two more very welcome additions with Toby and Tony in the top left corner.  Any more and we’ll need a bigger table.


Our long suffering but very wonderful table waiters Vlad and Dennis.  Dennis has taken to threatening us with a very large pepper mill if we don’t behave!


Andy, Jonathan and James (sort of) behaving themselves ………


…… and James and Francois (definitely behaving themselves!).


Definitely NOT behaving themselves in the G32 nightclub – Doug, Alasdair,Tony, Toby and Jonathan.

We have one more full day during this Atlantic crossing and, although we’ve experienced Force 8 gales for most of the trip, this beautifully designed and true Atlantic liner has given us the smoothest of rides.

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