Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Packing up.

Yesterday Doug went back to Selsey to bring the car up to Froud’s Bridge so that we can get some of our chattels back to the house.  Interestingly, the rail fare from Reading (our nearest main station) was £29:00 but only £12:50 from Oxford (further away)! So he booked from Oxford and got the train from Aldermaston station to Reading, to catch the cheap Oxford train at Reading...  ? (doesn’t make sense to us either) James stayed on board with Oscar and got on with some of the winterisation jobs.  Hopefully ‘Chance’ won’t stay in hibernation for too long this winter.  The journey from Sussex to Aldermaston is much shorter than last year’s to Rugby, so we’ll try to take advantage of any good weather and do a bit more K and A cruising. We’ve already booked Christmas Day lunch with friends at a restaurant near Newbury so we’ll be on the boat for the Yuletide period.


Not too much happens in a marina but here is the view we have from the front of the boat.

Today Doug returned with the car while James employed the services of the local marine engineer, Marcus, to help with the sick bow thruster battery. 


Not much happening then all of a sudden – a young cormorant swam past the boat.

Tomorrow we’re going back to Sussex so it will be more packing up for us.  The weather has been good this last couple of days allowing us to make good progress on the boat.  The nights have been very cold with hard frosts on both nights.  One of James’ next jobs is to review the years’ journey and produce some statistics – just up his street!

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  1. I like coincidence! Our boat 'Chill', which is third from the right
    in your photo, followed 'Chance' into MGM's poly tunnel to be
    fitted out last year.

    We also live on the South coast, at Emsworth, so also
    appreciate the relative closeness of Frouds Bridge.

    Here the similarity ends. We asked Mark and Martin to just
    take 'Chill' to lined sail-away, so we are still very much a work
    in progress!

    Best Regards,

    Chris & Hilary