Friday, 16 November 2012

Family time!

We’ve enjoyed having Vicki and Tom (and “Ernie pups”) with us until Thursday this week.  On Tuesday, while we had Ernie for the day, Vicki and Tom went to London by train from Chichester, as they had tickets for the London Eye and a trip on the R.Thames and after that spent the rest of the day in Harrods (all right for some!).  We had a great day with Ernie – although it took a while getting used to a dog that can see and hear and run about!

On Wednesday we all went Emsworth – a delightful small town just along the coast which fronts onto Chichester Harbour.


Doug, Oscar and Vicki on the water front at Emsworth.


We took a walk along the sea wall which holds a vast area of sea water and creates a water front with the town, even when the tide goes out.  The water on the right of the sea wall is tidal.


We had a marvellous lunch in “The Coal Exchange” pub – all snug and warm by the open fire.  


Back on Selsey Bill during Wednesday afternoon we took Ernie for “walk” – he’s a very energetic dog!


Sunset from Selsey Bill – we even have our own little “atoll” when the tide goes out.


We received our 2013 gold licence for ‘Chance’ this week.  It’s a bit of a pity we only used 2 days’ worth on this years licence – which was the two day dash down the River Thames from Oxford to Reading a few weeks ago.


Today we walked the two miles to Selsey Golf Club where we had a nice lunch looking out over the course.  We were delighted to learn from Julie the caterer at the club that, since our celebrations there last August, she’s been following our blog and knew most of what we’d been doing for the last couple of months – thank you Julie.

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