Thursday, 8 November 2012

Land lubbers (for a while).

We got home yesterday afternoon with a “car load” as usual.  After unloading and meeting several of the neighbours we were ready to put our feet up. We were lucky that we’d loaded the car at the marina and then unloaded it at Selsey before one of the hydraulic support struts on the rear hatch door decided to give up the ghost and no longer holds it up. That would have been really tiresome had it happened earlier! 


Oscar doing what we really wanted to do when we got home.


One of our neighbours had taken delivery of a very large (and very light) box for us – it held this delightful message from a friend – a late gift for our celebrations earlier in the year.

Today has been a bit of a lazy day.  A bit of grocery shopping in Chichester and then taking Oscar for his regular swim which we try to do when we’re down here.  (and yes, they were surprised to see him again! – every time we go away on the boat they don’t think they’ll see him any more).


He did very well indeed although, as usual, finding his pink floaty thing is a matter of total luck!


Sadly, he now needs a helping hand to get out – this time courtesy of Julie,  the owner off the pool.


Going for a late evening walk out and along the sea wall we find a full sea view at the end of the road.  Last winter’s storms put paid to part of (an unnecessary) bit of wall built on top of the main sea defences.  The council have now completed the repairs, after almost a year (!), by demolishing the remaining part of the wall and we now have a proper view of the sea from the start of the road.


It was this view, or just the other side of the lifeboat station, that inspired Eric Coates to write “By the Sleepy Lagoon” – famous as the theme tune to Dessert Island Discs.


Sunset over the Lifeboat Station.  The little white building on the right was, we believe, an old coast guard lookout post – now a seaside second home for somebody.  There are quite a number of  intriguing and unusual “residences” along this short stretch of coastline – we’ll try to show a few of them in the future.


  1. Is Oscar's pool open to other dogs or is it just a friend's facilities. It made me me wonder whether Lou could benefit from a swim for her joints.

    Interesting about the "sleepy lagoon" too - I always imagine the carribbean when I hear it!

    Sue, nb Indigo ream

  2. Hi Sue, The pool is open to all dogs, whether it be for exercise or therapy, it really does a lot of good for Oscar, there are only a few doggy pools in the country I understand, many people come all the way from London to bring their dogs down here as its the closest, so you wouldn't be the only one!

  3. Thanks for the information - I'll ask the vet about it - Lou's lack of mobility is a bit shocking at the moment. Trouble is, she's had MRSA so I don't know if she'd be allowed :-(

    We had a dog hydrotherapy pool near us but they charge £40 an hour!!!!

    Sue, nb Indigo Dream