Thursday, 22 November 2012

It’s been a bit of a Segway day today.

We’ve had some fairly high winds in Selsey this week and it’s always good to get down onto the beach to catch the atmosphere……
………like this!!  The marker is at the end of one of the groynes which is well submerged by twelve foot waves.  The other marker out at sea warns of the treacherous Mixon Rocks – the scene of many a rescue by the lifeboat.
Today we had some excitement when we travelled up to Marwell near Winchester for a Segway session.  We’d booked it through a Groupon deal and have been looking forward to it for a while.
This is the line up of Segway machines waiting for their riders!
James starting to get the hang of it after a bit of tuition. Notice the look of extreme concentration on his face!
We had to wear all the safety “gear” of course – this is Doug managing a very nicely controlled decent down a very big hill!
A ‘long shot’ of Doug – no, he hasn’t gone off piste!
The machines are really quite easy to ride.  Getting used to them is very quick, especially if you have some experience of skiing.  Pushing the handle gently left or right gives very precise steering and they can turn on a sixpence.  Putting pressure on your toes or heals makes you go forward and backwards.  They are self balancing using an inbuilt gyroscope so all you need to do is stand on them and relax – easy!
This is James at speed (or maybe it’s ON speed!).  We had a great day out and would seriously recommend a session before you go to the grave – a bit like a trip to Las Vegas, it’s got to be done!
Changing the subject somewhat – we’d like to thank who ever it was that told us that Waterways World has used an internal picture of ‘Chance’ in the latest edition (December) so we bought a copy today.  They are suggesting that radiator covers are very nice but they reduce efficiency.  That’s technically true but then so does painting them white.  We like our radiator covers but we’re so glad to be of assistance!

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  1. That looks such fun. I passed some people using them near the Chicago bean (Millennium Park) in June and was secretly interested.