Thursday, 20 September 2012

Three men in a boat.

Before we left Kinver this morning we took a walk up to see the Rock Cottages (NT) built into the sandstone ridge above the village.  We were rewarded after the good walk up there by being shown round by the guide before it was properly open to the public for the day (we couldn’t go inside as they are not open until 2 o’ clock).  We will certainly go back to look around properly when we have more time – they are quite unique.


Nice porch!


Des Res?


Hope the cellars are not too deep.


We arrived in Kidderminster at 12:30 as we had arranged for our friend Adam (from nb ‘Briar Rose’ fame!) who is joining us for the next few days.  Adam duly arrived smack on 1 o’ clock as promised and off we set for Stourport on Severn.


This is Adam doing his first lock for us here at Caldwall Lock just outside Kidderminster.

We arrived in Stourport around 2’sh and, as luck would have it, there was space one boat up from Bob and June on nb ‘Autumn Myst’ (it was about 60 feet long and we are 58 so we used the shoe horn!)  Adam, Doug and James had a look around the town to find a place for all five of us to eat tonight and after a very long time we managed to find somewhere.  The place in question has a good write up in Trip Adviser so we are keen to try it. 


  1. Ah ha!

    Longish day tomorrow then?

    Looking forward to seeing you all again!

  2. Chinese is lovely on the main street in Stourport. Do a great set meal.

    Ali x