Monday, 17 September 2012

New Pastures

We entered into new territory today – but having left our mooring at Coven at 8 o’ clock this morning it wasn’t long before we were into the most notable feature along our route, and one we’ve experienced quite a few times before, – “Pendeford Rockin”, a  half mile long shallow and narrow cutting which has been hewn out of the solid sandstone.


It’s long and it’s narrow and very slow going!


Soon after “the narrows” we got to Autherley Junction, where the Shropshire Union Canal goes off to the right and where, on every occasion in the past, we’ve taken that right turn.  This time we motor straight on ahead and into virgin territory for both ‘Chance’ and ourselves.

100 yards past Autherley Junction we stopped at Oxley Marine for a pump out of our toilet tank (40 gallons of “black water”!).  The staff were very friendly and helpful and, £12:50 later, we were on our way. 


At the second of today’s 3 locks (Whightwick Mill Lock) we got a phone call from Bob and June on nb ‘Autumn Myst’, who we were meeting up with today, and who were only 20 minutes behind us.

Just after Whightwick Lock we found the moorings which we had agreed on with Bob and June, and shortly after they too were moored behind us. We were soon all enjoying coffee and home made biscuits on board ‘Autumn Myst’.


During the afternoon we visited the very stunning Whightwick Manor (NT) which was only 5 minutes walk from our moorings. The house was built in the latter part of the 1800’s although it does a very good impression of being Tudor.


The interior is quite sensational with strong influences by William Morris (fabrics and wallpaper) and a very large collection of Pre-Raphaelite paintings.


Bob, James, Doug and June with, guide dog in training, 5 month old ‘Phoenix’ outside the front door of the manor. 


This evening we all went to “The Mermaid”, which was even closer to our moorings than the manor, for a much deserved meal together.  Not a good picture – sorry!


  1. You commented on our blog months ago when we were marooned at Wallingford on the Thames. I now realise that we passed each other on the Staffs and Worcester yesterday. I didn't register the name of your boat until you were well past us. Anyhow we wish you well and perhaps we'll meet again, though probably next year as we are coming to the end of our cruise fairly soon. Best wishes. Ian and Helen from Leo on

  2. That canal looks like one small wrong move and you would be in serious trouble. Journeying through these canals and waterways must be such an adventure, but how do you prevent meeting another boat head-on and who backs up?

  3. Hi Ian and Helen, we did the same, it wasn't until you passed us and we both realised it was you, sorry not to have stopped we will look out for you in future!

  4. Hi Connie, Thanks for your comment, a lot of the canals are very narrow, if you meet a boat in a bridge hole the one who is nearest has the right of way. Not that that always happens!