Saturday, 8 September 2012

Home Sweet Home!

We got to Swanley Marina on Thursday evening, safely but not without a bit of hassle at the start.  Deciding to take a hire car back to the boat (to save all the bother of having our own car to worry about) we duly arrived at the Enterprise hire base in Chichester at 10 o’clock Thursday morning to collect the prearranged vehicle.  We thought they were having a joke when they said they’d got a Fiat 500 for us, but they weren’t!  Nothing wrong with the Fiat 500 but we had quite a lot of luggage and a dog to get up to Cheshire.  To cut a long story in half, they had difficulty getting another car that wasn’t on the other side of the world, and eventually, four and a half hours later a Vauxhall Insignia estate auto with all the bells and whistles arrived on the doorstep FREE OF CHARGE!


We  hastily packed the car and sped off Cheshirewards, arriving at Swanley just after 7 o’clock.  Although there had been a mix up at Enterprise, they couldn’t have done more and we were very happy with the free car (we didn’t even have to ask).


Home at last!  On our arrival we met up with friends Jan and George on nb ‘Lady Patricia’ who have their permanent mooring only 5 boats along from where we are and Lyn and Chris on nb ‘Niamh’ who have theirs only 30 yards across on another pontoon.  Jan and George provided the champagne for a celebration of our recent events.

On Friday evening we went out with Lyn and Chris for a meal at “The Thatch”, a very picturesque pub in Faddily just 10 minutes from the marina.  This will be our last meal with them for a while as we are planning to head south with ‘Chance’ and so will not be catching up with them until next year.


Doug and James outside “The Thatch”. The meal was very good indeed and highly recommended.


James, Doug, Chris and Lyn just before tucking in.

We are going to leave Swanley Marina this morning and heading towards Hurleston flight.

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