Friday, 21 September 2012

Severn Experience

Last night was a great success when we ate at “The Steps” in Stourbridge with very good food and very large portions.  Sadly we enjoyed it so much we forgot to take some pictures of us all.

Today we took to the river (Severn) as we headed down towards the Droitwich Canal.


The river gave us chance to open up the throttle!


The locks are a lot larger then we’re used to on the canal system.  This is ‘Autumn Myst’ leaving one of the two locks we went through on our way down the river.



‘Chance’ and ‘Autumn Myst’ arriving at the entrance to the Droitwich Canal.


Much of the Droitwich is reed encroached on both sides – very pleasant and rural but thankfully we didn’t meet another boat coming the other way in these stretches.


A great photo of ‘Autumn Myst’ and ‘Chance’ taken by Adam


We arrived at the Droitwich  at about 2:30. The canal basin is secure (with access by key) and the pontoons, although not long enough, are very good.  ‘Chance’ and ‘Autumn Myst’ are roped together at the bow to stop us drifting about at the front ends.

We’ve met up with Vic and Sue on nb ‘No Problem’ who were already here when we arrived.  Sue, bless her, was out and helping us tie up while giving Vic instructions to put the kettle on!  A good cup of tea was had on board ‘No Problem’ and then Adam, James and Doug did their walkabout in the town centre to look for another place to eat tonight. We found somewhere slightly quicker than we did in Stourport! All seven of us are looking forward to a nice evening together.

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  1. The Gardners Arms in Droitwich is fabulous, great food, atmosphere and reasonably priced. It was recommended to us by other boats whilst in the basin recently.