Saturday, 28 April 2012

A ‘Chance’ to be away for the weekend

We woke up yesterday morning (Friday) with nothing planned for the weekend so decided to pack some stuff in the car and head for the boat.  After a wet journey with a minor holdup on the A34 / M40 junction we arrived at Brinklow Marina about 2’ish.  We got the stove going,  left it to warm things up and headed into Rugby for some shopping.  After that we hunkered down and spent yesterday evening all lovely and warm with the rain battering on the windows and eating our very lazy and unhealthy pizza.

We came up to the boat with the intention of getting some maintenance carried out and our hopes that today would be dry, in order to get some outside work done, were fulfilled.  It’s been a bit windy but the sun came out for 5 minutes as well!

The urgent job (for an engineer anyway!) was to get the batteries checked………….


………this is a fairly normal position for James – bum higher than the head!!  This looks quite awkward but it’s an easy job and we’re very pleased that we asked for the whole rear deck to be removable in sections. The weather forecast for tomorrow is dyer so this afternoon we took the chance to have a nice walk (we exaggerate!) with Oscar.  We walked along the lane and over the road bridge which goes over the entrance to the marina.


Looking from the road bridge towards the canal (which was quite busy today).


Looking towards the marina from the bridge.


A close up.


After another fifty yards we crossed bridge 41 over the canal – two boats having just passed under.


Looking the other way and another boat coming!


Doug and Oscar on the lovely old iron towpath bridge which now forms the entrance to the marina.


Bridge 38 – we didn’t get much further on the other side of the bridge before we had to turn round and come home – Oscar doesn’t do long walks any more!

We’re now tucked up again for the evening with the hatches battened down and the wind is getting stronger – with the weather being poor and this being a working weekend we won’t be going cruising this time.


James with Oscar doing this blog and enjoying a necessary glass of pink champagne (no it isn’t usual!).  Another of today’s jobs was to make the wooden bungs fit properly in the front door windows – job done!


  1. Nothing better to be warm and cosy on a boat with listening to the rain outside. Hope tonight's not too windy......have just been out and tightened our ropes.

  2. Oh dear... first photo... poor James, the 'butt' of jokes and comments that are too cruel to publish... LOL