Sunday, 1 April 2012

Going Home Alone!

The weather has been fantastic today – sun all the way with just a  chill to the breeze on the open stretches of water.  There were more boats around today so the journey was more interesting.


Around the Gayton stretch we came across this fine pair of working boats (motor and butty). They were on a private mooring next to a very well kept property so the owner is obviously a stickler for perfection.


Just a bit further along we noticed an interesting and very clever idea – can you spot the telecommunications mast?  Very well dressed as a tree – why can’t all masts be like this one?

As we passed Fridays’ mooring position at Flore Lane we came across Mick and Heather on nb ‘Hudson’.  Their show boat was next to ours at the Crick Show last year and we haven’t seen them since then so it was great to catch up with a quick chat (and to let Oscar off for a convenience stop!).


Heather and Mick.


The absolutely superb narrow boat ‘Hudson’ – in James’ opinion probably the best presented and one of the nicest looking boats on the canal.

We’ve now reached a quiet mooring which we’ve used before (between bridges 23 & 24).  As we stopped around 3’sh James has been doing a bit of varnishing and polishing.  The first polish of the season and very much needed to get rid of the calcium staining from the water pouring down on us while in the Blisworth Tunnel.  Any excuse for a good polish as far as James is concerned!


  1. A lovely cruising day. We have a phone mast like that up near home, but I think ours might have been an earlier version as that one looks better! Sorry not to have met up, we will have to arrange something soon. Looks like you have all had a good time.

  2. Thanks John and Ali, Hope to catch up with you both soon, good luck with the blacking, speak soon x