Monday, 9 January 2012

To Bugbrooke

Today we set off towards Bugbrooke in yet another sunny day!– travelling through the lovely Nene Valley.  The canal winds it’s way through 15 miles of lockless pound and sometimes rises way above the valley floor.  We stopped at Weedon Bec to get some very needed supplies!IMG_0017

The canal is well above the village at this point.  Here’s ‘Chance’ at the visitor moorings.


This is a view taken from the churchyard – ‘Chance’ is the bit of blue at the top of  embankment!


While we were in the churchyard we noticed these snowdrops.  Coupled with todays’ fantastic warm weather this was a wonderful bit of spring well ahead of time.


After Weedon Bec we passed through the little hamlet of Flore Lane – all along this section both sides of the canal are kept in really good order and this little bit at Flore was very pretty.

We arrived at Bugbrooke at about 12:30 just in time to pick up friends Ali and John from nb Triskaideka (but this time they came by car as their boat has been winterised)  We moored up and had a good lunch at “The Wharf” pub and then back to ‘Chance’ for a glass of wine (or two!) and cheese and biscuits.  We had a great catch up of info and gossip and Ali and John left at 8 o’clock to travel home.


Doug, John, James and Ali.  Thanks for coming to see us guys we had a good time and hope to see you again soon.


  1. The house at Flore Lane Wharf is known as the 'Coffin House' .... for obvious reasons. My in laws' boat was moored there before they sold it a few years ago.

  2. Hi Ross
    Thanks for your comment, we think we know which house you mean, We will check it out when we pass it on the way back this week. James

  3. Guilty as charged! Yes,that was me in the rainbow coat.