Thursday, 12 January 2012

And on to Braunston

The sunshine this morning was fantastic – we’ve been having to remind ourselves during this last week that it’s still January!  Long may it continue for everyone living on board  this winter.


This was our mooring this morning at 10 o’clock

We got to the bottom of the Buckby lock flight after experiencing a very heavy shower of rain but it was back to bright sunshine as we ascended the flight.  All the locks were against us – having to empty every one – and there were no other boats to share with, in fact, we have seen only one moving boat today (at the Braunston Marina).


Half way up the flight and we thought we should have another little “Oscar moment”.


By the time we got to the top lock we thought we would treat ‘Chance’ to a bubble bath!  No we didn’t drop our Fairy Liquid bottle overboard but perhaps someone else did.


After we came out of the top lock we came across fellow blogger Les moored up on nb ‘Valerie’ – we passed him on our outward journey but was nice to see him again – even if it was just a wave from inside.


There’s always something exciting about going into a tunnel – this is going back through the Braunston tunnel.  We’ve had four tunnel journeys in just over a week - this one is particularly dry,  There are no streams of calcium enriched water pouring down on us and causing James having to wash the boat down after!

The lock flight at Braunston comes immediately after the locks.  As per usual today they were all against us.


Lock 3 with the little “Crooked Cottage”


The weather changed during the afternoon and became quite cold -  a slight frost threatens tonight.  We passed swiftly through a very quiet  Braunston and have now moored up just outside, with nothing around us except some Canada geese.  This was our view tonight from the side hatch.

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