Friday, 6 January 2012

Happy to be afloat…

We woke this morning to a completely different day weather wise -  it was calm, sunny and warm!  Due to having a few more jobs to do and added to the fact that we didn’t get up very early ('!) we set off about 12’sh towards Braunston.


Hillmorton Locks seemed to come upon us quite quickly and here we are at the bottom set still enjoying the lovely sunshine.


Enjoying the peace as we leave the bottom set of locks.


Just entering the middle lock.  Everything was very quiet of course although there was a boat following which we were able to help by setting the locks in their favour.


Just above Hillmorton and through bridge 72 and who should we see but fellow bloggers nb ‘Piston Broke’ !  No sign of life though – must have been asleep!  Sorry to have missed you Paul and Lynne.


Next to nb ‘Piston Broke’ was nb ‘Oakfield’ also fellow bloggers!


Further along, with the sunshine failing by now, we decided to warm ourselves with a glass of mulled wine.  The rocking glasses have round bottoms and were a Christmas gift from our youngest daughter Frances and fiancée Kel.  They were a bit scary to use at first but they do stay upright even when full.  Great fun!


By 3:30pm we had moored up in splendid isolation between bridges 81 & 82.  Here’s Oscar and Doug starting a short, but well deserved, walk while James faffs about with the mooring ropes!  The towpath here is in good condition compared to other stretches we’d passed so it wasn’t too bad for an old dog to walk.

A great start to our week of cruising.

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