Sunday, 5 June 2011

Market Harborough to Thurmaston

We left Market Harborough (great moorings) on Friday morning heading for Kilby Bridge to moor overnight.  We were hoping the the lock below Kilby would soon be repaired otherwise it would be another wait. From there we’ll make our way through Leicester to MGM on Saturday hopefully.

The weather was so hot and the journey passing the locks at Foxton saw them again fairly quiet.  Leaving the Saddington Tunnel (photo below) we were joined by some fellow bloggers who came on board for the journey to Kilby Bridge.  We also caught up with a Canal Club narrow boat with the American couple on holiday who we met in Market Drayton and bizarrely knew about us as they read our blog when at home in the USA!


Leaving Saddington Tunnel.


Canal Club Boat (Mucky Duck) and Chance at Taylors Lock on the Grand Union Leicester Section (colours are not the same in real life!).

Saturday4th June

The British Waterways heroes had repaired the lock below Kilby so we left early (ish)  at 7am.  We did the last stretch through Leicester city and on arriving in the centre the waterways weekend was in full swing.  It was great to see so many boats moored here for a change – it completely changes the atmosphere of the place.


We finally arrived back at the MGM Boat yard in Thurmaston at 2pm and had a few more visitors wanting to view “Chance”. We plan to moor here for the next two weeks to get the last few jobs completed before we set off on our adventures!


  1. Hi

    We might yet get to see you then as we will be heading your way once we set off, after the 'snagging cruise' with Beacon, which will be later this week, we then need to load up, close the house up etc then we will be off!

    As you seem quiet familiar with this area and its a totally new river/canal for us where is the best place to moor around Leicester, plan to go through in one day!

    PS not sure they aren't the same colour!!!!!


  2. Hi Ali and John, Hope all goes well with the launch today, sadly cannot post comments on your blog as you need to alter the comment as, as we were told to do? Will explain when we see you! A good place to moor is by the watermeadows opposite us by Thurmaston Lock, if its full you can breast up with us if you like. Then its a 7 hour trip through to Kilby Bridge, its really fine through Leicester these days, but most seem to get through to Kilby Bridge as we did. Look forward to meeting you, when are you passing, send us an e-mail if you can so we can arrange to meet up, its on view my complete profile. Good Luck today. Doug

  3. Glad you enjoyed Market Harborough and the moorings. The moorings are now looked after by the Haborough Towpathers Volunteer Group, who have been out painting bollards, benches etc. It is nice to get some feed back. Happy cruising.

  4. Thanks Jo, we hope to go back to Market Harborough very soon! Lovely town and excellent moorings...

  5. James,

    I just got back to the US and I promised you the link of the NB'er who had lived in Europe on his boat for several years, starting in 2001.

    Had a great vacation and sure glad we didn't put any scratches in that beautiful boat.