Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Arriving at Penkridge

We left Tixall Wide at 9am and had a pleasant journey to Penkridge, we passed through 4 locks, none were busy and very few boats around.  The weather couldn’t make it’s mind up all day but by evening it had sorted itself out and became very pleasant.


A lovely rural 4 hours cruising and we arrived and moored up for the day at Penkridge.  James embarked upon a good clean down while Doug caught up with some work.


We wandered into the town to do some shopping -  Oscar again making the long walk with us!  James found a first class example of his favourite type of shop. An old fashioned sweet shop!  Dawn and Carol pandered to his requirements and he can only advise that anyone with a sweet tooth and passing through Penkridge should make a visit.  All the old childhood sweets were there – he couldn’t catch them out!


Found at the bottom of the high street!


  1. I bet the penny blacks were more than a penny!

  2. Proper red liquorice?? Can't get it anymore, the proper sweet shop in Lincoln always used to have it but they can't source it anywhere now!


  3. Wow, where you're moored up in this photo is where Dave's mum & dad used to live! It's the end park home on the left of the photo, the one that overlooks the fields. We spent many happy days there, with the kids during the summer hols.

    Staying there was what first sparked our interest in the canal system. Sadly Dave's parents are no longer with us but they live on in memories..

    From Takey Tezey Heth. Sorry, can only post as "anon" at mo, Blogger's got a cob on lol