Thursday, 9 June 2011

A chance meeting in Market Harborough

After receiving a surprise phone call from our friend and solicitor Simon on Tuesday, who happened to be staying in Rutland, we arranged to meet on Wednesday evening in Market Harborough with him and his lovely partner Jan.


We had a lovely evening at the Waterfront Bar in the basin, and hope to meet up again soon.

Here at MGM nearly all the ‘snagging’ work is completed so we hope to set off on our travels early next week.  Today we had a visit from the Beta Marine rep from the Crick Show who was very happy with the installation of our engine and congratulated us, and MGM, on our success at being Runner up Best in Show.


  1. Did you have a look at the photographs in the Waterfront?
    Many of them have Hadar in them, including a large photo of the side of Hadar hanging over what is known as our table lol.

  2. Hi Jo
    It was so busy we didn't see the pictures, as we ended upstairs as that was the only space left! Will make sure we take a look next time we are in. Hope all well with you. Doug