Monday, 27 June 2011

Great Haywood and Tixall Wide

We left our mooring at 8am and headed towards Great Haywood today. Already it was 20 degrees so we decided that we wouldn’t spend another day travelling after yesterdays’  heat wave.
Waiting to enter Lock 22 at Great Haywood
We arrived at Tixall Wide at 10am and moored up for the day.  We both had work to do so it seemed a good idea but the heat in the morning was so intense we didn’t do much (except yet again peg out the washing!)
After lunch it had cooled down a little so we gave Oscar a haircut and then walked into Great Haywood.  We weren’t sure whether he would make it that far but the promise of a swim (in the River Trent) he soon found the energy!
We then walked into the village and had a pint in the pub while Doug went up to the village shop to get some supplies.  He and ended up shopping by torch light as they had a power cut and because they’d blanked out the windows it was pitch dark!  They  did some lovely locally made produce so he brought some home made faggots for tea tomorrow evening!
The railway bridge into Great Haywood looking towards the little street of original (Shugborough) estate houses.
After having a relaxing evening aboard we plan to set off tomorrow for Penkridge.
A lovely evening at Tixall Wide.


  1. Nice place Tixall Wide you can have some fun there

  2. You are so on our beaten track, you know! We'll be on our boat from Saturday heading towards the Droitwich canal - not in your direction by any chance?

  3. Hi Belle, We are heading up the Shroppie when we get to you, I guess that will be around Wednesday/Thursday at the rate we travel! So I guess we will miss you? Do hope we can all meet up soon, we may be up and down the Shroppie for a while so maybe we can catch up next month? Hope you are both well x

  4. Yep, think you'll be missing us this time. But we'll keep an eye on the blog and let's make that catch up a definite maybe?