Sunday, 10 April 2011

Top paint job!

Chance March 2011 009

‘Chance’ is now looking superb in the final top coat.  The lovely Josher style bow , beautifully designed and crafted by MGM and Ken Martin, looks so good!  MGM say they still have to polish it yet!

Chance March 2011 010

The front doors now have their wooden trims and windows.  It will be taken out of the water soon for final blacking and  fitting of the bow thruster grills.

Chance March 2011 014

The brown paper protection was peeled back for us to take these pics.

Chance March 2011 035

The stern is as shiny as the front.  The large hole in the counter is one of the rear deck drainage points. 

Chance March 2011 012


  1. Aren't you looking swish? I'd hate to be the first to give her a scrape!
    Looking forward to meeting up after Crick

  2. Chance is looking fantastic you must be very excited, can't wait to see the finished result hopefully when we are over in September.

  3. Thanks Di and Steve, look forward to you joining us in September. Doug

  4. WOW! Love that colour scheme! Can't wait to see chance at Crick. Look forward to meeting you both.

  5. Hi Steve and Chris, Thanks for the comment, yes it is a bit different to the norm! but not too way out! Looking forward to welcoming you both aboard at Crick. See you soon. Doug

  6. Wow guys Chance is looking gorgeous, I love the colour, never seen that shade on a narrow boat before, good choice, it's lovely!