Tuesday, 19 April 2011

A “Chance” meeting with Captain Ahab!!

We are currently staying up at MGM, for a few days as Chance is nearing its completion in the next few weeks, and who should pass the yard?  Andy and Belle on Wand’ring Bark.


Belle very kindly made us tea and let us try one of her wonderful homemade heart shaped spiced muffins!!! which where very tasty, (cooked in her new oven!) as we helped them through the lock at Thurmaston.  After going aboard Wand’ring Bark, they then walked across to MGM to see "nb Chance”  It was great to meet you both and we hope to meet up again soon for that glass or two of wine!!!! 


  1. Lovely meeting you too! Next time we'll bring something for that fab wine rack and even help you drink it. We're nice like that ;-)

  2. Hi Belle, We will hold you to that! Great to meet you both. Doug x