Sunday, 22 November 2015

Goa goes on …… out and about.

We’re so enjoying things that time has gone out of the window, more or less. Can’t be certain when any of the following actually happened!


Getting trade is all important here and anything seems to go just to sell a room!


Doug making friends with other holiday makers.


We get the same lovely service from our room steward in the hotel as we do on  cruise ships. This time it’s a Swan and a Lotus flower.


Chilling out in the barber’s – it wont make a lot of difference Doug!


A visitor to the barber’s shop while we were there.


We took the local bus from Candolim to the ferry on our return trip to Panjim to collect our suits. The ferry doesn’t have quite the same decorum as the one we use to the Isle of Wight ………


…….. nor does it have the same safety standards! Nevertheless, it’s great fun.


It rained while we were in the Taylor’s shop. 35 degrees and rain – it’s an odd combination to us! By the way, we’re told it’s hot by Goan standards for this time of year – it should be mid 20’s rather than mid 30’s!


This is the centre of Calangute at rush hour! There’s a roundabout in this picture somewhere and the cattle refused to be intimidated!


Nope. They just stood there!


The reason for our being in Calangute (and the advanced level of mayhem which constitutes the rush hour) was to meet up with two great guys. Originally from Bombay (they insist it should still be referred to as that) and now having lived in Goa for many years, Dev and Rajaa showed us some of the sights and sounds of the local market - and the inside of a locals bar! We had a brilliant evening with them and at the end of the evening Rajaa took us home, one by one, on the back of his scooter. Travelling on the roads is something which has to be experienced to be believed. If your not actually driving it’s best to sometimes close your eyes! However, Rajaa got us both home very safely, bless him.


Believe it or not, we haven’t spent a lot of time on the beach but, on this occasion, we had some four legged company all they seem to want was a head scratch!!P1040718

We think they like the music at Ryan’s Shack ………….


……. and it’s all very romantic as the sun goes down.

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