Wednesday, 25 November 2015

A Goan Baptism.

We had the most amazing day as we joined our friend Agnel and his wife Melissa for the Christening of their new baby Chrisanne.


We arrived at the church of St Thomas, Candaulim early, so Agnel sent a member of his family to collect us to join them at their home before returning to the church for the service at 11 o’ clock.


The inside of the church was in complete contrast to the outside but, as it was explained, the monsoon period takes it’s toll on the fabric of any building.


There were prayers said outside the church entrance for the six babies to be baptised that day.


After a friendly talk to all the families by the priest each baby was taken up for his or her initiation. This is little Chrisanne at the moment of her baptism.


After the baptism service Agnel and Melissa took Chrisanne to the alter for photographs.


Then outside there were the customary family photos to be taken.


We were honoured to be invited for a special photo with the proud parents.


Chrisanne was then taken back to the family home where incense is used to welcome her into the home.


We then moved on to the venue for the celebrations where the children, and some of the adults (including ourselves!), were involved in party games. Then, after a splendid buffet meal there was the cutting of the “baby cake”.


As the knife was used to make the first slice, massive party poppers and fire crackers were let off.


A close family friend and priest gave a lovely speech and blessing (in Hindi) before the parents were asked to say something themselves.


In typical shy fashion, Agnel said a brief few words!


Beata, a proud and close family friend holds Chrisanne for some photos …….


……. and here’s the star of the show, Chrisanne at only 8 weeks old.


There were 200 people invited to the celebrations and we have to say we were so very well looked after. We had some lovely conversations with many of the family and friends amid the incredibly high temperature that day. We were not alone in finding the heat unbearable in the direct sun.


As the party ended we were asked for a final photo with parents Agnel and Melissa, baby Chrisanne and Melissa’s brother (and very kind personal host to us) Malcolm. Malcolm very kindly arranged for a taxi to take us back to Candolim.

We could not have enjoyed our day more with this wonderfully welcoming and caring family and we feel very privileged to have been invited to spend such a lovely time for a such a special family celebration.

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