Sunday, 29 November 2015

A Great Build-up to a Goan Wedding.


Here’s a quick pic of James on our first scooter riding through Calangute.

On Thursday, to attend the wedding of our friend Bosco, we took a taxi from Candolim to Colva in South Goa where we rented an apartment for the 4 day stay.


On Friday evening we were very privileged to be invited by Bosco to his bachelor party at his home just outside Colva.


His home was incredibly well decorated for the wedding this week and his friends were all so friendly and courteous. Here’s James with Florian, Bosco, Roque and Julroy.


Julroy and Bosco.


James having a quick “dream” on Julroy’s superb Royal Enfield.


James, Bosco and Doug at the start of a great bachelor party evening.


Another quick couple of pics – this is where we can get phone top ups in Colva Beach. Carphone Warehouse could learn a thing or two!


Launching a traditional Goan fishing boat from Colva Beach.


Getting back to the wedding build-up - on Saturday evening we went to another grand event at Bosco’s house. Julroy came to our apartment to give James a lift to Bosco’s on the back of his Royal Enfield. James was in a posing mood as Julroy stopped at a shop for a few things on the way. Doug’s on the scooter we hired during our 4 day stay.


The “ceremony”  that evening was to mark the end of Bosco’s bachelorhood and it consisted of anointing Bosco, and his two right hand men, with warm coconut milk!


Each member of Bosco’s family and friends took turns to take a handful of coconut milk from a bowl and poor it over his head, and those of his friends. It wasn’t long before he was wet through!


Of course, it wasn’t long before Bosco’s “friends” took things a bit further. We had been told beforehand to bring an egg with us and soon Doug took his turn with James’ egg, as well as his own, to pay his respects to Bosco!


The two “best men” didn’t come off any lighter either ………..


……….. and some of Bosco’s closest and dearest friends added curds and whey and bright yellow spices. At the end of about half an hour Bosco certainly got the impression that his bachelorhood was over and that he was now pure and unfettled to embark on his future married life.


The evening’s activities gave the children an excuse to stay up late. Here are four of them well past their bedtime.


This morning (Sunday) we had some spare time before attending the start of the actual wedding celebrations and ceremony so we took a ride out of town to see the sights. It wasn’t long before we came across a workforce clearing and dredging a lake next to the paddy fields. There were men up to their necks in the water as they cut and dragged the weeds to the bankside. Not a JCB or a dredging boat in sight!


As we had to get the hire scooter back later in the day it meant that on Monday morning we wouldn’t have transport to get to Goodman’s in the town to have breakfast. So we decided to buy eggs for breakfast in the apartment. This is where we buy eggs ………..


…….. and this is how you carry 6 eggs. So with 6 eggs all for 28 pence! in a plastic bag we got back on the scooter and went back to get ready for the wedding. We,and all 6 eggs, got back to home safely!



Another couple of quick pics of the view from the balconies in the apartment - and, after sunning ourselves on one of them we got ready for the big event starting at 12 noon.

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