Saturday, 11 April 2015

The Ocean Wave Beckons Again!

After a train journey from Chichester to Southampton this morning, we popped in to see the British Titanic Society’s exhibition and sale at the Grand Harbour Hotel.



The exhibition was very good indeed. The attendance increased dramatically while we were there. So much so that at 12 o’ clock it was time to leave and make room for others.  We met up with friend Jonathan (with Doug on the right) who had an excellent display there himself. We also met up with friends Alastair and his partner Chris – a very nice surprise for us! Leaving the exhibition, a short taxi ride took us to Southampton’s Ocean Terminal where we boarded ………..


…….P & O’s fabulous new cruise ship “Britannia” for a 14 night trip round the Med. We’ve done a very quick reconnoitre and are truly amazed at the design, decor and finish of the ship. Here’s Doug on the Lido deck.


We popped in to have a look at The Retreat – a quiet area which can be enjoyed for a small extra ‘charge’ per day.


Inside, and we haven’t taken nearly enough pics yet, it was fairly empty when we first walked around and an ideal opportunity to enjoy the ship before the 3500’sh passengers came aboard for the voyage.


The main Atrium is sensational and everything it was promised to be from the recent TV coverage of the ship’s naming ceremony and P&O’s promotional work. The ship’s image has been based more on a hotel than a cruise ship and it works extremely well and, speaking to quite a few of the staff (who are now old friends!) they too think it’s absolutely amazing!  We’re looking forward to our destinations of Gibraltar,Rome, Florence and Pisa, Monte Carlo, Barcelona, Valencia and Alicante (and hopefully a lot of sunshine!).


  1. We have a great trip booked for December. Fly to Las Vegas on 29th, three nights there including New Year's Eve. Jersey Boys show also booked. Fly to New York on the 1st January, for a further two nights there, before boarding QM2 for the seven night cruise home on the 3rd. A bargain on iglucruise for an all in trip. We fly home from Spain just to do it! Hard life! The ship docks in Southampton on the 10th. Our Aussie friends are hoping to hop off QM and join Arcadia on the 11th to cruise home via South America.

  2. Kath says I am jealous. I am not, then again, maybe I am! Have a fab trip, looking forward to plenty of pictures.