Thursday, 2 April 2015

Eastertime ‘Extreme’ Narrow Boating.

Well, “Chance” is up and running after the winter break and, after spending Tuesday night in Packet Boat Marina ……….


…….. where it was cold, dry but sunny ………

……. we took our well trodden ‘path’ to Paddington Basin for a one night stay on Wednesday. Yet again the Gods were on our side and there were two moorings available!


This morning, Thursday, we left Paddington to take the Regents Canal to Limehouse Basin. After a cold, dry start the day warmed up, the sun came out and we soon reached a fairly quiet Camden with just hundreds of ‘gongoozellers’ instead of the usual thousands!


Aiding the general housing keeping of the area, Hampstead Road lock now seems to be supplied with wheelie-bins (two – for the use of)


Getting to King’s Cross, the development around the canal is going on apace (as it seems to be along the whole Regent’s Canal). The refurbished cast iron gasometer structure is going to provide a superb open space for the area.


Between Camden and Limehouse the canal environment falls to a pitiful low in far too many stretches but, even among the graffiti and general detritus, a beautiful Magnolia tree blooms resplendent.  There’s always something good to enjoy.


Ahead of us, the very recognisable buildings of Canary Wharf remind us that we’re close to our destination.


With eyes pealed there are further reminders of our closeness to the city – the “Gherkin” and the “Cheese grater” seem to be growing out of the gardens.


Our friend Manel (from Barcelona, as he likes to remind people!) worked hard on the locks (“exploited” in his view!) and helped us to get to Limehouse in four and half hours.


Arrival at Limehouse Basin ……..


…….. and a wonderful meeting up with the St Pancras Cruising Club’s Commodore, Andrew and his wife Frances, who we haven’t seen since a chance meeting last year on the cut in the Midlands somewhere. Andrew has organised, and will be heading up, our little “Easter” flotilla of boats on the Thames tomorrow.

Having arrived at 2:30 we had the rest of the glorious afternoon sunshine to enjoy in the lovely surroundings of Limehouse Basin. Bliss!


  1. Enjoy the flotilla - we are missing the Thames :-)

    Sue, nb Indigo Dream

  2. Hope you enjoy the Thames as we did.