Saturday, 18 April 2015

Britannia Cruise ….the Story So Far

Our first land-fall of the cruise was good old Gibraltar …..


…..and, during our short 5 hour stopover, we were joined by Laurie –friend and one of the ship’s entertainment team, who does his job for us both on and off the ship! 


The lovely Casemates Square at the bottom of Gibraltar High Street overlooked by the Rock.


“Britannia”, flying the flag with P&O’s new colours, welcomes us back on board.


A rather cloudy “Rock” as we leave for our next destination.


The Entertainment Team work hard during the Gibraltar sail-away party on the Lido deck.


Alicante came next on our visit list – you need to be fairly sober to walk straight down this promenade!


Taking the new lift to the Castle above Alicante gave a fantastic view of the city and the harbour. We chose to walk from Britannia into the town (seems that we’re always at the end of the dock!)


This pic was taken in the pouring rain but it proves that good acting and photography can mask most things! Happily, the rain in Spain stopped fairly quickly afterwards.


We’ve spend some very happy hours with old cruise friends Bill and Jill (who had no idea that we’d be aboard this cruise) and their family. James, Ben, Jill, Sarah, Doug, Jane, John and Bill enjoying pre dinner drinks in the Crow’s Nest …..


…… before a fine meal in the Meridian restaurant.



Our Rome visit brought a fantastic surprise for us as we met up with Dawn and Glenn (also on the ship!) from narrow boat “The Grand Affair”. We’d spent some happy times together last year on the Thames tideway outings. St Peter’s Square was even busier than last time.


…… as you can see!


We took in a visit to the tremendous Pantheon …….


…… housing the tombs of Raphael and many of the Italian monarchy.


The Spanish Steps were as busy as the rest of the city  …….


….. but a walk along the side of the River Tevere was strangely quiet.  The great mass of the Castle of St. Angelo with the dome of St Peter’s Basilica in the distance.


Back aboard ship we were treated to a superb evening of entertainment by Zoe Tyler. Her singing was sensational.


After a delightful, sunny and very tiring day in Rome followed by dinner and Zoe Tyler we had a walk around a very deserted ship …..


….enjoying the lights and calm after a great day out.


…. and, finally, another joy – we’ve met up with Delroy, the brother of our friend Dolreich. Meeting the other ‘triplet’ Dixon aboard Queen Mary 2 in January that’s all three of them done and dusted!

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