Monday, 10 November 2014

“We Will Remember Them”

After getting a few jobs done around the house on Friday and spending a wonderful evening in the company of friends Kim and Kevin in the local Indian restaurant (such a good time we forgot the pics!) we thought some of Saturday should be spent on some exercise.


The sun was out but  the wind was at gale force from the south. The beaches were getting a good pounding from the high seas and our fitness intentions had to be curtailed somewhat.


The new repairs to the sea wall were being tested very well ……


…… and seemed to be standing up very well.  The shinny railings and brand new cast concrete were frequently awash with breaking waves.  The gulls didn’t have a lot of work to do – they just held out their wings and stayed where they were.


Some of the fishing boats at anchor off shore were disappearing from view occasionally.


Sunday saw the village residents turn out in force for Remembrance Day.  Many of the land and sea forces were well represented - including, of course, our wonderful Life Boat volunteers as well as the sea cadets and scouting groups.


It’s gratifying to know that this scene was occurring in thousands of places all over the country and the TV broadcast from the Cenotaph in London being watched by millions – and rightly so. 


On Sunday afternoon we resumed our exercise intentions and had a good walk around the sea walls and up the High Street, where we popped into The Seal for a ‘quick half’.  We hadn’t been there long before lots of friends and acquaintances, who we’d not seen for a some months, came through the door.  The lovely weather we’d had so far soon changed to a continuous downpour so there was nothing to be done but stay in the pub for shelter.  We had terrific afternoon with (Doug), Nancy, Ali, Andrea and Zoe before they all went back for their very late Sunday lunches.  (is that a glass of wine levitating in the bottom r h corner?!)

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