Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Friends, food and Remembrance.


On Monday friend David (acting DJ on our “Ventura” cruise earlier this year) came to see us.  After a very relaxing afternoon of G & Ts and chat we all went for an evening meal in Tiger Tiger before wending our separate ways.  We had a great time with you David and thanks for popping in.


We’ve moved moorings from the main basin at Paddington to make room for the winter moorings and we’re now right outside the railway station entrance.  It’s incredibly quiet at night ……..


…… and even in the daytime!


On Tuesday we made our way to see the poppies at the Tower of London again.  This time there were many more poppies  and many more people.  In fact, we took advice and didn’t go during last week’s half term as it was so busy.


It’s  really quite a sight and terrible thought provoking.  It certainly concentrates the mind on how lucky we are these days to enjoy the freedom we have and at the terrible expense of so many lives.


Here’s one wonderful old survivor who’s certainly not ready to give in yet!  He’s a true VIP among the thousands of souls around the Tower at the moment.


It’s a tremendous work of art and, in the sunshine, a glorious sight.


We took a walk along the Embankment where so many people pass this 3500 year old work of art and take very little notice.  “Cleopatra’s Needle”, quarried at Syene all those years ago, was given to British Nation in 1819 by the Viceroy of Egypt as a memorial to our “distinguished countrymen” Nelson and Abercromby.


After walking our legs off during the day,  in the evening we took the bus to visit friends Steve and Ivan at the their home south of the river.  We had great food, great company with them before leaving them to have their beauty sleep before heading to work in the morning.  Thanks both of you very much for the meal and your company.

It’s been another fantastic few days which will be coming to an end soon, so we hope to end on something special.


  1. Goodness! Has the book boat gone from outside the station at last?
    Kath (nb Herbie)

    1. Hi Kath, Yes amazingly the book boat and coffee boat have now gone, its all back to visitor moorings!