Monday, 3 November 2014

It’s a Whirl as Usual!


The last few days have not relented to give us any rest (who needs it anyway – we’re a long time dead!)  Friday at 11 o’ clock the bridge raising took place in the basin.


Also on Friday we had the pleasure of the company of friend Steve (who’s video productions of our boating antics have been very popular on the net!)


We had a get day with him having a bit of a chill-out and lunch out with him. God knows what James is trying to achieve here!


A couple of shots of the new end of the basin – all lovely and new and splendid …………


……. and very popular with the local work force during their breaks.


During our chill-out period on Friday, Nick  of NB Marpessa 2, arrived as Emma was out shopping, to partake in a G & T or two!and finalise plans for a Saturday night out in town.


On Friday evening the new footbridge at the end of basin was operated.  The five “fingers” that make up the bridge rise independently make a spectacular display (and forcing everyone to walk all the way round the basin!)


The other spectacular display that evening were the pumpkins on the front of “Chance”!


Saturday evening (like Friday) in Soho was a riot of Halloween celebrations.  After visiting a number of chic “hostelries” we went to Manbar to end a great evening with Nick and Emma. James, Emma and Nick enjoying the smoke and mirrors of the nightclub atmosphere. 


This takes some sorting out! James (encased in feathers), then two fantastic Halloween “birds”, Doug and Nick, with Emma taking the pic.  Good music, lasers, smoke, the odd drink and great friends made up a truly super evening.


On Sunday morning we had a visit from Phil and Helen from wb (wide beam) “Mrs Madrigal” who joined us for a cup of coffee and a very enjoyable chat. Nice to see you both guys….

This morning James attended St Mary’s Hospital for a routine heart check up – the first since his ablation in April.  Everything is splendid (so far) and he’s been taken off all medication.  That’s what he’s wanted to hear for some time as some of the side effects have been a bit tedious.  Needless to say, he’s a very happy bunny this morning!

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  1. Oh you do get about, don't you! Glad to read that James has the all clear, great news!
    Sadly we'll not see you in the Spring, I didn't get an entry into the London Marathon, so I'm doing one up in Manchester instead. Keep well, have a good winter.