Saturday, 5 April 2014

The “Great British Sail Away” Party!

Last Tuesday saw our last sailaway party on “Ventura” as we left Monte Carlo.
With the fabulous Casino de Monte Carlo in the background the party got started as “Ventura” left port.
Our entertainment team –Kayleigh, Laurie, Jane, Ally, Richard and Lauren work very hard to lead the celebrations.
The party atmosphere gets everywhere!
There should be a competition for the greatest number of Union Flags you can wave at the same time!  Michele and our new ‘glampacker’ friend Maree and James (about to do himself a mischief).
We had to show this one of Nigel!
With the party over we finish off the last of the Pimms before dinner – Michele, Maree, Doug, Graham and Nigel - the last people standing!
Sunset over Monte Carlo – it’s Au Revoir but not Goodbye.
It was our last dinner that night and very fitting to have this shot with our wonderful waiters (and friends) Eric, Fenney and Anil who we blame entirely for any weight increase during this trip!
After dinner we had a quiet farewell drink (with whoever was able to keep up) – Graham, Doug, Maree and Max …….
….. and the last shot goes to Maree and James for this perfect ‘selfy’ by Marie.
The next day (Wednesday) we disembarked at Genoa for a somewhat  shambolic session at the airport before flying safely back to Gatwick.
Well, everything comes to an end and we look back on the last three weeks (our longest cruise so far) with great affection for all the people we met, both passengers and the ship’s company, that made the cruise so enjoyable.  We look forward to keeping in touch with a lot of them!
The next few days are being spent catching up with some land-based friends and then getting ready to board “Chance” for our own summer cruise – we’re itching to get started!

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  1. Hi Gents,

    Glad to see the party continues - albeit in a much smaller displacement vessel. I dropped an email to your profile email address a few days ago, not sure you are checking it or have received it. It was a request for some non boaty info?

    Take care

    Nev NB Percy